A N N A   S T O A

         Anna is a multi-media artist, a Cum Laude graduate from San Diego State University with Distinction in Studio Arts. Much of her work is autobiographical, referencing the transitory nature of home, work and relationships, utilizing the sensibilities of her Finnish American and American Indian heritage. 

She taught art to children for 15 years, served of the board of the San Diego Women’s Caucus for Art and initiated the Collaborative Art Project.
Her interest and curiosity in the collaborative process propelled her to work with over 50 women, writers and poets on this multi-state project for 3 years.

Over the last 20 years Anna has painted many sticks, large and small, utilizing the sense of the American Indian “spirit sticks” and totems, borrowing from the rich celebratory colors of Mexico.

Currently she shares a studio with two women artists, Grace Gray-Adams and Grace Matthews. She travels to New York several times a year to volunteer for the “Anyone Can Fly Foundation” started by Faith Ringgold.  

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